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Sound Production

The English Language has 46 sounds. In order to speak English like native speakers, it is important to be learn the various sounds in English.


Joining sounds and words smoothly in connected speech is key to sounding like a native speaker.


Native speakers appear to speak really fast and cut out half of the words. Through more detailed listening skills by learning the rules of pronunciation, learners hear things they’d never noticed before.


Intonation is all about the way we say something, rather than the words we actually say. Every language has a different melody and structure. The rising and falling of tone is an important aspect of English that can be mastered.


Understanding stress at the word level and sentence level is crucial to pronunciation. Incorrect stress can give out different meaning than what is intended and sometimes no meaning at all making it difficult for people to understand what you say.


Pronunciation is not knowledge based. Rather, it is skill based, which means you cannot attain mastery over it by just learning it, practice is essential. Your progress depends on how often you practice and complete the assignments given.

What Clients Say

Yes British is an amazing platform where I got to know that I had a lot to catch up in terms of pronunciation. Even though there is a lot of hard work involved, it paves the path to success in the corporate world.
Sohaib Sheikh
Marketing Specialist| McAfee, UAE
I find Sheikh hard-working, dedicated and truly concerned about our results. I cannot thank Sheikh enough for helping me out, the quality of his service is second to none.
Sandeep Agarwal
Finance Consultant | BP, UK
The coach has special rules & techniques from which I have been greatly impacted in terms of pronunciation. The training helped in realizing mistakes which I as a non-native English speaker have had to live with for many years, until now. I feel it's very difficult for one to acquire a British accent perfectly without a coach who would point out the errors so that we correct ourselves immediately.
Rahul Bhandary
Project Management | Accenture, India
When I first stumbled upon the Yes British website, little did I know that I would get to have classes with an exceptional teacher. Shamoun is a fantastic accent trainer, and his training style is quite effective and can help anyone interested in improving their accent. He is patient with students, and yet pushy in a very positive way. He has a keen attention to detail and is very passionate about teaching. He strives really hard to make sure his students are able to train their accents not only by learning certain concepts but also through repeated exercises.
Rosanna A
Project Management | Fintech, Germany
I stumbled across the website in an attempt to find some means to get rid of my foreign accent. (My native tongue is Chinese /Mandarin). I am genuinely impressed by the coach Sheikh Shamoun's professionalism, his ability of quickly spotting errors/problems & correcting them, his attention to detail, his honesty, kindness, his commitment and also his great sense of humour.
Ronnie Tidy
Network Security | Student, Estonia

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