Advanced Accent Mastery

Course Overview: Take your accent proficiency to the next level with our Advanced Accent Mastery course. With over 70 hours of intensive training, you’ll delve into the intricacies of spoken English at the sentence level, mastering the art of fluent, natural speech through efficient word linking and reduced pronunciation.

Key Differences from Foundations Course: While the Foundations course lays the groundwork for British accent acquisition, focusing on stress patterns, pronunciation, and word-level fluency, the Advanced Accent Mastery course takes your skills to the next level. You’ll learn to speak English not just at the word level, but at the sentence level, mastering word linking and reduced pronunciation for seamless, natural speech. This includes understanding that native speakers do not always pronounce every word completely; they often skip words or syllables, a technique you’ll master in this course.

Course Outcome: You’ll confidently speak English with a British accent like a native, effortlessly integrating reductions, contractions, and linking sounds for fluent and coherent speech. Master intonation, stress, and tackle challenging words, becoming a captivating communicator.


What Will You Achieve?

  • Solid Foundations: Reinforce core British pronunciation principles.
  • Master Intonation & Stress: Perfect rhythm, flow, and emphasis for captivating speech.
  • Refine Pronunciation: Overcome lingering challenges with personalized feedback.
  • Dynamic Intonation & Stress: Use subtle pitch shifts for expressive communication.
  • Polished Vocabulary: Conquer over 100 commonly mispronounced words for refined fluency.
  • Confident Communication: Exude sophistication in presentations, interviews, and social interactions.

Interactive Modules:

  • Foundation Reforging: Strengthen core pronunciation principles.
  • Intonation & Stress Alchemy: Master the art of rhythm and emphasis.
  • Word Wizardry: Conquer tricky words that break pronunciation rules.
  • Polishing Project: Identify and refine unique pronunciation challenges.
  • Confidence Calibration: Hone skills in real-world scenarios for elegant communication.

Who is This For?

  • Graduates of our foundational British accent course seeking further refinement.
  • Non-native English speakers aiming for advanced fluency.
  • Actors and performers looking to elevate their accent skills.
  • Language enthusiasts passionate about mastering the elegance of a British accent.

Learn to:

  • Master Sentence-level Fluency: Elevate your English to the sentence level, mastering word linking and reduced pronunciation.
  • Understand Efficient Word Linking: Seamlessly connect words for fluid speech, mimicking native conversational style.
  • Tackle Advanced Pronunciation Challenges: Address complex hurdles and commonly mispronounced words.
  • Apply Techniques in Real-world Scenarios: Utilize accent mastery in various practical situations.

Invest in Your Voice, Invest in Your Future:

Advanced Accent Mastery unlocks captivating communication and enhanced confidence. Join us to speak with the elegance of a true British accent!

Take the Next Step

Experience the excellence of our program with a complimentary coaching session. We will evaluate your current pronunciation level and tailor the program to suit your individual needs. Following the session, you can determine if our program aligns with your aspirations. We will then engage in a detailed discussion and address any questions you may have.