Foundations of British Accent

Course Outcome: By the end of this course, you will be able to speak with a British accent.

Course Overview: Master the essential components of the British accent with our comprehensive Fundamentals course. Over 70 hours of immersive training, you’ll learn stress patterns, precise pronunciation, and word-level fluency to speak English with a British accent.

Target Audience: Dedicated individuals seeking comprehensive mastery of British pronunciation, including IPA-based analysis and nuanced intonation control.


The course delves into the intricate anatomy of British phonology, equipping you with advanced tools for precise accent acquisition. It’s divided into four comprehensive phases:

Phase 1: Demystifying the Phonetic Canvas

  • IPA Immersion: Mastering the International Phonetic Alphabet symbols and diacritics
  • Articulatory Boot Camp: Exploring the intricacies of vocal tract manipulation (tongue placement, jaw movement, velar positioning)
  • Plosive Powerhouse: Unveiling the secrets of voiceless and voiced plosives (/p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /k/, /g/)
  • Nasal Nuances: Mastering the subtle art of nasal articulation (/m/, /n/, /ŋ/)
  • Fricative Finesse: Delving into the world of fricatives (/f/, /v/, /θ/, /ð/, /s/, /z/, /ʃ/, /ʒ/)
  • Liquid Love: Conquering the complexities of lateral and rhotic approximants (/l/, /r/)

Phase 2: Vowel Voyage

  • Vowel Vision: Understanding and applying vowel space diagrams for precise differentiation
  • Monophthong Melodies: Mastering short and long monophthongs (/ɪ/, /iː/, /e/, /ɛ/, /æ/, /ɑː/, /ɒ/, /ʊ/, /uː/, /ʌ/)
  • Diphthong Delights: Navigating the intricate world of falling and rising diphthongs (/eɪ/, /əʊ/, /aɪ/, /ɔɪ/, /ɛə/, /ʊə/)
  • Reduction Rendezvous: Unmasking vowel reduction in stressed and unstressed syllables
  • Coarticulation Capers: Exploring how sounds influence each other within words and sentences

Phase 3: Rhythmic Revolution and Intonation Symphony

  • Stress Savvy: Mastering word and sentence stress patterns for natural rhythm
  • Linking Liaisons: Implementing consonant clusters and linking sounds for effortless flow
  • Intonation Insights: Deconstructing the melodic patterns of statements, questions, commands, and emotions
  • Dynamic Delivery: Applying intonation to convey meaning, emphasis, and nuance
  • Shadowing Symphony: Refining pronunciation and intonation through mimicking native speaker recordings

Phase 4: Advanced Refinement and Personalization

  • Regional Rhythms: Exploring subtle nuances of regional British accents (RP, Cockney, Estuary English)
  • Social Cues and Communication Strategies: Adapting pronunciation and intonation to different social contexts
  • Advanced IPA Analysis: Delving deeper into complex sounds and allophones
  • Polishing Project: Recording a presentation or conversation showcasing your refined British accent
  • Personalized Feedback and Ongoing Support: Individualized guidance and continuous improvement through mentorship and peer feedback

Additional Resources:

  • Interactive IPA charts and pronunciation practice tools
  • Customized materials and recordings relevant to your professional context


  • Ongoing formative assessments through pronunciation tasks, presentations, and peer feedback
  • Summative evaluation through a final project and individual coaching sessions

Note: This course can be tailored to your specific organizational needs and professional goals. We can incorporate industry-specific scenarios, role-playing exercises, and accent adaptation strategies to maximize the impact of your training.

Take the Next Step

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